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Welcome to P2PFiles, the First P2P Search Engine!

Marc Freedman photo It's here!

We're thrilled to finally and officially launch P2PFiles. This actually is the 4th version of our search engine. We held up our launch until we had something truly worth bragging about. And we do. With this release P2PFiles goes beyond just being cool.

We also wanted to get TrustyFiles finished. With both the P2PFiles web site and TrustyFiles software we have a truly innovative set of products that work great by themselves or even better together.

  • Mobile File Sharing . 10 years ago you needed software to pick up email. Then came along a little service called Hotmail which pioneered web mail. Email was no longer confined to your computer. ... Fast forward to today. P2P file sharing is red hot. But you have to use your own computer. Not any more! With P2PFiles we're as close as your friendly browser, just like Hotmail. You can search for great files, whether you're at work, a friend's house, an Internet cafe, or traveling. When you find the video or music you're craving, you can ...
  • Share with friends . File sharing used to be a lonely place. A solitary individual downloading from the faceless masses of some huge network. P2PFiles invites your friends to join in the fun. Our convenient Share a File and Share a Search buttons make it a breeze to share with your friends. Just click on your favorite files and searches, enter the contact info, and hit Send. Your friend simply clicks on the TrustyLink to start the download or search. What could be easier? The only thing we don't do is whisper sweet nothings in their ear. But we do let you ...
  • Bring it on home . It kinda sucks when you're at work and finally remember the name of that Duran Duran tune you heard during that magical first kiss. Or you're at a friend's house and HE finds that photo you've been looking for for eons. What are you going to do - write down the song title or a hash code? ... Sounds desperate to us. Just send the file or search to yourself from P2PFiles. One click on the TrustyLink at home and YOU'RE searching and downloading treasured files.
  • Broad Software support . P2PFiles gives you choices. You can send files with TrustyFiles-supported TrustyLinks to your friends or even yourself. Or you can directly download files via TrustyLinks or industy-standard Magnet links, compatible with many P2P software clients.

What is P2PFiles?

Our mission is to grow the problem child known as P2P into a mainstream business. How do we do that? First we serve you , the fun loving, entertainment using, personal media rights affirming average guy and gal. We give you innovative leading edge technology that you won't find anywhere else. Then we provide opportunities for content owners to share in the P2P phenomenon, so there's a wealth of legitimate files on the network.

Whether you're a longtime file sharer or new to P2P, we invite you to try us out and check out the help files and support forums . Please do sign up for our mailing list so we can contact you when we have new releases.

We hope you'll share your feedback and help shape our future. Like what we're doing? Hate it? Still figuring out How2P or When2P ? Or don't think it's so funny? Have a suggestion? Or even better, post a message in the Support forum .

Well? What are you waiting for??? Run a search now !

Marc Freedman

PS. If you recall the Hotmail story, they were bought by Microsoft. ... Bill, we're still waiting for that call.



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