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P2P file sharing is fun and friendly, whether you're searching for new files or sharing with friends. Explore new artists, producers, and genres that you wouldn't normally encounter. Rediscover old media that you've long forgotten.

Whether you're just starting or an experienced file sharer ...
or don't have software ... or are at home or away ...
just P2P It!

If you're new to P2P or don't have P2P software:
If you don't P2P, lots of people you know do. Even if you missed the Napster revolution, many of your friends and family didn't. Let your dad know you still love him. Search for those Grateful Dead concert recordings and sports blooper videos on P2PFiles. Just click the email icon to send easy-to-use TrustyLinks to thy honored father.
Test it out. You can try P2P without making any software commitment and long-term relationship. When you're ready to go steady, suck it up and download the easy-to-use Trustyfiles .
It's to get started! P2PFiles is simple to use . Just point and click on your browser of choice. You don't have to be a techie, P2P guru, or power computer user. You don't have to worry about software features and settings you don't need, understand, or even care about.
Protect your privacy. P2PFiles does not present your Internet address to other users and does not record your personal searches or downloads. Search for and send files in total anonymity.
If you're not at home:
P2PFiles Frees the Files . No need to panic, dude. P2PFiles is always with you on your friendly web brwoser, whether you're using a PC at a friend's house, the library, an Internet cafe, the office, or traveling.
Sharing is caring . You may not be home but you can still have fun. Run a P2PFiles search and send your favorite files to your friends through our TrustyLink.
Charity ends at home . When you're out you can also send TrustyLinks to yourself. When you get home click on the link in your email and start enjoying pure downloading satisfaction.
Take a break at work. We bet your company doesn't let you install personal software at work. But a quick jaunt to P2PFiles.com during a lunch break is ever so painless. Just use the browser already on your PC. No messy traces of files or downloads. No need to floss. ... And we won't tell.
If you are at home and do have P2P software :
Want to share a hot tune with your friends but don't have TrustyFiles? Just run the searches from P2PFiles. Use the Magnet Link to download the file on your own P2P software with AND click on the mail icon to send it to the gang.
On a slow modem or PC? P2PFiles is a server with a huge pipe to the Internet and more and longer-term P2P connections. Let our server do the searching for you!
Didn't get any or many files on a search? Try P2PFiles for a convenient search backup . P2PFiles is connected to a different part of the network and will search different computers.

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