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Search and Download Tips

  • If you enter two more or more keywords, results are displayed that match ALL keywords. Do not use 'and' or 'or'.
  • Do not use non-alphanumeric characters like ', ", /, $, #, @, &, or double byte characters
  • Try to use keywords with at least 4 characters. Some P2P clients don't recognize keywords with 3 or fewer characters.
  • If your search generates too many results, run a more specific search or use more keywords..
  • If your search doesn't generate any or enough results, widen your search, use less keywords, or try Auto Search .
  • Search results are stored for a limited time on the server. They are accessible only through a current search on your web browser. If you close the browser or the browser page you will lose the results.
  • If you hit reload you will start a new search and lose your current results.
  • Click on a column title to select that column for sorting or to reverse the sort.
  • The results will initially be displayed in order of the number of Sources, with more sources listed first. The more sources there are, the better chance and the faster the download will be.
  • Use sort by size to order files by file type. Video files are much larger than music files, which in turn are much larger than photo files.
  • Download multiple versions of a file to maximize your download opportunities.
  • Beware of files that have unexpected sizes. For example, an MP3 song averages 1 MB in size per minute. If one song is 4MB in size and another is 1 MB the 1 MB file is likely a partial file, recorded at a low quality, or otherwise mislabeled. Video files run 3 to 12 MB/minute, depending on format and screen size.

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