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P2PFiles frees your software ... whether you're an old timer who remembers vintage Napster or a hotshot just starting out with TrustyFiles. No longer are you confined to your lil' old desktop. Check out When2P for what P2PFiles can do for you.

Run your searches anywhere anytime to get files. Share 'em or Download 'em. We give you lots of choices in the P2PFiles search results :

TrustyLink. The TrustyLink is used by TrustyFiles , our recommended P2P file sharing software. If you're surfing P2PFiles at home, click on the icon. The software will immediately start, add the file to the Downloads list, and download the file. You can click on as many TrustyLinks as you like to add new files and sources to TrustyFiles.

Magnet Link . P2PFiles supports Magnet links, a web link format used by TrustyFiles and other Gnutella P2P software. Click on the icon to send the link to the program.

Cut and Paste. If your P2P software doesn't work with Magnet links, there's always the old-fashioned approach. Find what files you like and then simply cut and paste the keywords or the file ID into your software's search textbox. The File ID is displayed in the File Info window. Click on the File Info icon in the search results. The P2PFiles File ID is the SHA1 hash code.


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