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When you submit a search request, P2PFiles contacts its neighbors who contact their neighbors, and so on. It takes time for your search request to be propagated through the network and for search results to be returned. The P2PFiles display will automatically update with new search results.

The P2PFiles search is keyword-based. When a P2P network user receives your search request, your keywords are compared against the file names for the files the other user is sharing.

Video, music, photo, and other kinds of files can have metatags (information about the file) associated with them, such as artist, album, and genre for music files. Metatags are most widely used for music files. The software of the users you connect to determines if you can search on such tags. Some P2P software support metatag searching, some don't.

File names and metatags can include the following types of keywords:

  • Title. File names normally contain all or part of the title. Best for searching if you're looking for a specific file.
  • Artist, producer, model, actor, etc. Typically included for music files, but may or may not be used for other file types.
  • Categorizations such as genre . Common in music files but only occasionally used otherwise.
  • Descriptions. Sometimes used if there is no title.

If your search returns no or unsatisfactory results:

  • Review your search keywords. In most cases file names and metatags are manually created. This leads to file names and metatags that are short, incomplete, or erroneous. Try your search with fewer and less specific keywords to get more results.
  • Search again at a later time. The dynamic nature of P2P means home users and their connections are constantly dropping in and out of the network. You could be searching an entirely different set of users in an hour.
  • Use Auto Search to automatically re-run your search 3 times, once every 5 minutes.

What's on the Search Page

Keyword entry . Edit the keywords and click Search to run another search.
Share a search with a friend or yourself. A form is displayed where you can edit keywords and enter contact info.
Tips for better searching and downloading.

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