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The File Information display provides detailed file information, including the full file name and file ID (hash code), and all commands available for the file.

See the download page for help on personal file sharing and download options.

Share on your web page

P2PFiles will generate HTML code that you can insert into your web page so you can share searches or files on your web site. Your web visitors can run searches from the web or download specific files with P2P software like TrustyFiles.


What's on the File Information Page

File Name
Full File name . Click file name to start TrustyLink download with TrustyFiles software.
Number of users on the network with this exact file. The more sources , the easier and faster your download.
File ID
Unique file identification (SHA1 hash code) used by the Gnutella P2P network.
Click to see if the file is registered with the Bitzi card catalog.
Share a file with a friend or yourself. A form is displayed to enter contact info.
Share a search with a friend or yourself. A form is displayed where you can edit keywords and enter contact info.
Share on your web page
Displays HTML code that you can insert in your web page.
TrustyLink . Click to start download with TrustyFiles software.
Magnet link . Click to start a download on compatible P2P software.

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